I climb!

​Sometimes, no wait, I’m very grateful all the time, that I have amazing people in my life, that I can truly call friends, without them. I would be basically nobody but some creepier trying to make videos and take shoots of them!

Backward and Forwards

​Sometime, I think my life is going good and then things turns out not as, I though they would be. I feel like, everything always goes backwards instead of going forward for good.


I sometimes feel, as if this is how the inside of my head runs. However, it always nice to have a nice soundtrack to my unruly state of mind!

Down Boy

​Haven’t been around much, been to busy with deal with life and trying to get my shit in order. However, I’m still here and like I said before, I’m not going anywhere! Enjoy this video, as a hello again!

Video Girl!

Shot this video while she wasn’t looking. She thought I was just shooting pictures of her, but I think it turned out good!