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I’m not one to show affection at all. To me that notion makes me kind of ill to my stomach, even the look at the mere mortals, looking in each the eyes, oohing and aahing at on other, while holding hands or body parts, makes me wish there was a vomit bag where ever you go. However, lately showing some kind of affection towards anyone, even that one person, who’ve I’ve been hanging out with from time to time. Don’t make me reach down and gag with disgust. Maybe it the growth in my, that makes it easy to show how much, I care for said person, or maybe it’s something in me that I’ve always had. I’ve just never had the chance to show or display it until now.

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Something’s Missing

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The last time, I remember having my family all together was a couple a months ago, and while I know we’ll all be together again soon. I feel there’s always something in the way of that happening. Even though, I know they are close by, it’s still not the same. I miss those loud afternoon of nothing were you know, that you had your whole family in one roof, which just felt right and safe. However, with all the shit that we’ve been through these past couple of month, I really don’t know when we will all be back together again. They are the missing pieces to my puzzle and without them; I’m just a bunch of pieces laid out on the table. Therefore, while I know this is just a small setback, this feeling of completion cannot come soon enough. However, until then, I will just have the memories of what was once happier time, and pray for happier times to come.

They’ll Never Know You!


I consider myself a unique individual with different layer, that would put a onion to shame. Every layer is distinctive then the other, one surprise after the other….there’s really one one like myself!












Who’s That Girl?

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Today I got a weird email from someone. Wanted to know who one of the girl’s, I take pictures of were? First thought was “Creepy”! Second thought was “Someone actually read this blog about my mini rants and nothings”. Moreover, my third thought was “Are they for real”? Therefore, I decided to devote this post to my friend and semi-model Natalie (No last name). Yes that her real name. We meet at work and fell in love (Not saying where I work because it’s really none of your business! And I mean in love as in became good friends. Let’s not get any ideas.). We don’t work with each other anymore, because she found a better job (She was lucky enough to get out. Of that hell, we call work.) She was nice enough to model for me. She was up for it and I love her for it. I went to Forever 21 brought a bunch of clothes. Had her keep some of them and the rest of returned. I mean, what was I going to do with women’s clothes? There weren’t my size anyways (Sad!).  You’ll be seeing more of her here and so stay tuned.


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Thought you’d be forever the same
When did you become so easy to change?
Can’t like who I won’t

No, that’s not true, I do know
Just can’t figure out how to pin down

There will be no unguarded kisses
Let go of my hand when they’re around
They say I’m unsound

But what do they know?
They can’t figure out how to get down, down

Soon enough I won’t care
Stay in my arms if you dare
You can’t romanticize

They are crazy, will only let you down
Try to figure out how to keep you down
They’re all alone, I will keep you down

Never Ask A Girl With Winged Eye liner, Why She’s Late….

FullSizeRenderI love good eye liner. Of course not on me (I can’t pull it off. Plus I’m not a douche bag, has-been!), but on a girl(s), who know how to work it. The world is yours! If you apply on a good pair of sexy winged eyes (It does take practice and patience). Seriously, though! Have you ever met a girl with winged eyes? Who’s not confident in herself? Just get yourself a good eye liner (I used Stila stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner, on my model, but you can use whatever you’d like.) and your self-esteem will rise. As high as the wings your draw on your eyes lids. You can either Amy Winehouse them or just keep it G like Rihanna. The eyes are the limit. However, you draw them on. You’ll always look good and strong. No matter what.