Got ‘Til It’s Gone

Processed with VSCO with q2 preset

I think, no I know, I’ve taken a lot of shit for granted in my past lifetime. Now, more than ever I realized there’s a lot of stuff, which I would never think I would miss. It’s been awhile since I’ve been here and a long time since lift my head out of my ass, iPhone and other devices to see what’s really out there. I feel like I just came off the boat, with nothing in my pocket, but hope and awareness of my surroundings. While I like to sit here and be happy with the situation that I stuck in now, but I would be lying to myself and you people (Who ever reads this!). I know my faith in the world and in the lord is slowly restoring itself, and right now I have nothing but my prayers to get me through the nights. However, I’m so ready to go back to my normal life, I know that’s better said than done, but it’s not far from reach. It’s just going to take a little more time to get things where they should be. Until then, I guess have to deal with what I got!

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