Spoke To Soon!


In my last post which seemed like years ago (Actually it was just a couple of weeks ago. Miss me yet? Didn’t think so!). I kind of bit the wiener to hard and set myself for the inevitable, which was just around the corner waiting for me like a mugger, who likes to take away the calm you’ve accumulated for yourself. Well guess what? I hit me all right, that fucker hit me hard and now I’m stuck in the same situation, I was last year! I don’t want to get into details, but it feels like a horrible Deja vu, which I want nothing more than to just wake up from it. Here, I thought I was doing so well with this thing called life; sure, I got bored and wanted something exciting to happen. However, I never asked for this too happened to me and to happen to the people around me as well. I wish I could have just shut my mouth and never said anything in the first place, but that not how life works. I know shit like this happens all the time, but not twice in a almost a row and not at the end of the year. I guess when horrible things happen to you, you don’t really have a time period or a schedule of when it will happen. If you did, then things would be just too easy and who would want that? Me!

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