It’ll Wash Away!

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When I was younger, I’ve had a touch of the moody blues, well not just a touch, it’s was more like my whole body was drenched in depression and there was no way of washing it away. I would wake up in the mornings (That’s when I would even try my hardest to wake up that is) and struggle to makes sense of this feeling that I had or lack there of. Even though my body was there, I was nowhere to be found inside, there was nothing I could do or say, that would make me wake up from this horrible, beak nightmare. Sleep was my only friend and it was the only thing that would make me feel better, because I didn’t have to be awake to face the reality of the world around me. Even normal activities that a normal person would find easy would just make me wanna to cry for no reason, and it was back to bed to cry and cry until I fell asleep. However, while that feeling of depressing emptiness has all but gone away, it still creeps up on me from time to time. I guess that feeling will never fully ago away, no matter how many people I talk to or how many different meds I take, to vanish this aching feeling of discontent. It would be nice to just sit here and say that everything will be ok, but I can’t lie to myself, because I know sometimes that it won’t be okay and that I just have to face the facts of my condition. A condition that I can’t control sometimes, because it’s to over powering to get a grip on.

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