I’ve Done Wrong and I Wanna Suffer for My Sins!

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I’ve always been a sucker for an anti-hero kind of woman, never been a fool to rush into a good kind of girl. I like women with imperfections and who know they have them too. There’s no beating around the bush, with these kind of ladies, they know they’ve done wrong, so either you like them or don’t. I’m not saying that I’ll go straight for a murderous, psycho killer, with even killer wardrobe to boot ( I’m not going to lie if I didn’t say, that I might get a chubby, if I saw her in this season must have!). However, it’s always nice to show that their are women out there, who are not perfect in any sense of the way, and they aren’t going to change their ways for anybody. Who are we to ask anybody to change just so we can feel comfortable with ourselves, while the changes they’ve made for us will make you breath a sigh of relief. It will just make there true selves start decaying in front of us, because these women are just ailing for what they’ve done to themselves. Dames like anybody else are human beings who are meant to make mistakes in their lives and not creatures, which were made from sugar and spice, sprinkled with everything so nice. That mentally is just bullshit and just needs to be washed away from our mind frame. Before one day, you’ll wake up and see that you’ve just let the best woman walk away, with faults and all, because of some myth you’ve had in your head. Then you’ll really regret what you’ve missed out on!

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