Garden State

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I’ve live here in weird New Jersey for almost all of my life, granted I wasn’t born and raised here. I came here at the tender age of 1, by way of South America, which country doesn’t really matter. I mean, I just told you I live in New Jersey so you should just be happy with that! I’ve always asked my parents what the fuck were they thinking when they decided to move here. There could have been so many places where they could’ve moved to and called it home sweet home. For god sake’s NYC is like a bus ride away, but there was something about New Jersey, that was just meant for me and for them of course. It’s like being at sea for so long and then finally finding, this new world, that’s all mine for the taking and all I wanted to do is leave my imprint everywhere, with the words “Fonzie was here”! I’m not going to lie when I was younger, I use to carry a big black Sharpie and write those exact words to every wall I encountered. Now, I know NJ isn’t for everyone, people still shit and puke themselves if you mention the state on other side of the river. However, this is my home, my state; I couldn’t image living anywhere else. Home is where the heart is and NJ will always be my heart!






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