Why Can’t I Touch It?

Processed with VSCO with q2 preset

I’m probably being a whiny bitch right now or maybe perhaps I’ve been one since forever and a day. However, I can’t help to be a hater for those, who have everything handed to them, while I’m here with my hand on my dick, bitching and moaning. About how I can’t have to world on the palm of my hands, now I’m not one of these spoiled brats whose sit on their thrones and does nothing but wait. I’m an inpatient kind of gal, who likes to take things by the balls and pulls hard until I get what I want or work hard for what I want. However, little by little it’s getting so damn restricting, that at every door I try to get into, there’s nothing but VIP lists or the same old shit, with no hope of change. I may not be a thumbs up, foam finger wearing individual, when it comes to cheering on the word change. However, how can anybody move forward with anything if you’re still stuck on your old and boring ways? I could sit here and write more about the fundamentals of bitching for what I desire, but I’m not about that life. I rather just get up and go get it for myself, with no tears or whimpering in site.

Processed with VSCO with q2 preset

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