One of a Kind in a Sea of Others

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I was going to write this post about my semi-near stalker moment last week, however after the events that just accrued today; I have something more important to write about. Like it or not, I’m a gay man, who lives that way he wants to and it shouldn’t bother anybody, who I am. This is my life and I try to live it to the fullest extent of myself. However, now in this day and age, I wonder if I have to watch my back from time to time, just because I was born this way. I’ve tried doing that whole hide and seek bit, back when I was afraid to be myself, and I have to say, I not a big fan of it. On top of hiding my true self in a closet, that was already full of claustrophobic skeletons. I was also floating on a clouds of depression (which I still have now and then), anxiety, and let’s not forget that the paranoid cloud, which was the worse one to bare. Once I realized that there was nowhere else to hide who I was, I couldn’t do anything but just face the facts and bust open that closet door. Sure, they’re still people out there, who don’t agree with my “life style”, but that’s their problem. I’m not here to live the life that makes you comfort and I’m also not here for you to beat me down, with heinous words and dirty side eyed looks. If you can live your life the way you want to, then so can I. I’m not just some gay guy; I’m more than just a homosexual, that description is just apart of who I am. I represent a whole person, who just as yourself, is covered with fears, happiness and most of all I have feels, the same ones as you. So please, don’t hate on me just because you don’t like the part of me that makes you feel so uneasy. That to me is just a sad and reckless excuse, for you to blame your actions out on me. I’m only human just as yourself and humans shouldn’t kill one another just because of who they are. We should just live in peace the way god intended it to…just for me to be me and for you to just be cool, about me being who I am without any animosity!

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