The Look!

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I’m not lucky enough like these other bloggers to have daddies to support my site! Now, you might be giving me the evil eyes, as you read the first sentence, but who are you kidding sweet cheeks? We all know nowadays, to be successful anywhere, you have to spend money to make money or get it from someone else! However, unlike these blog where there daddies A.K.A sponsors and others, who just throw money at them, just to promote their new items dujour (Which I’m not mocking! I would love some greens in my face, while I promote whatever you’d like daddy!). I on the other hand have to rummage through the sale racks of my favorite fast-fashion stores. If I can’t find something particular in mind, I always look through my own closet of already purchased goods for inspiration. Nevertheless, if I can’t even do that there’s always the DYI route and just make something new from an old item. It’s a mission and a half to do all of these just for a couple pictures in a barely there site. However, I’m enjoying what I do and I don’t mind it at all. Sure, it would be nice to have a daddy or five to fund my site, but right now that’s not the life I’m living. This area right here (Which is my website for those who don’t know what I’m talking about!) is my passion and if I have to make it rain myself to make it look semi-good, then I will! I’m not here to hate on others who have to do what they gotta do neither, but let’s be realistic here. The world that we live in isn’t surrounded with easy funds and Robin Hoods. Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it and man am I faking it. However, I know my truth, how many people can say the same thing, with their heads up high?

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