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I find it kind of funny and strange (In a good way of course!), that as I’m waiting for the bus to come. I’m sitting next to this quote, that’s just staring me in the face. Therefore, obviously I had to take a picture of it! I don’t know who Y.O.C is, but whomever you are, thank you for being my coffee! It was kind of a wake up for me and maybe it was a sign! I’m not big believer in signs; I think it some kind of gimmick for lazy people to say. When they need some kind of excuse to do something, like do you really need a sign to have that moment to get up and do something, which you’ve thought of doing in the first place? In addition, do you need a tree to fall on you or a bird to sing to you to give you the go-ahead? How weak are you? In life if you want something then, you have to do it yourself, because nobody is going to do it for you! So fuck all that waiting for those signs to pop out of nowhere, like one of those convenience store sign, that read “We are now open”. Just get up outta your ass and do the damn thing. So, while this quote might have been a sign, I consider it more as a wake-up call for me! Because I’m the only one who can make my operations prosper!

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