The Original

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I’m probably late with the birthday wishes and all the balloon, cake and whatnot that come with it. However, this is my blog so I can do whatever the fuck I want. Yesterday was my niece’s birthday and because a lady never relieves her age, I’ll just say she’s still at the age, where pink is her favorite color and ponies are lit! Years ago, I started a blog with no fanfare or substance. Not saying that this blog is any better but let’s just say this viral diary looks 10 times better, then that other mess. I also didn’t have the help of my friends, with the photo shoots or the budget to buy and return clothes. There for the only person I would take pictures of was my niece and I wouldn’t change it for the world. It was fun having her pose in mad hatter creations; I would make just for her. However, as the years went by and we both got a lot older and somewhat wiser, I stopped utilizing her as my muse behind my camera. She also at this point stopped thinking of my as her cool, crazy uncle Fonzie (Her words not mine!). Nowadays, I have to negotiate with her on posing for me or just to even talk to me, for just a few minutes of her precious time. I wish, I could go back in time, when things were little more simpler and she was just a six year old in my eyes. Wanting to hang out with me because she found me so what interesting. Nevertheless, that’s life for you and all I can do is just watch and hope that she grows up all right! So, Happy Birthday Love! Here’s too many more to come!


Back in the day!


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