A Foggy Idea

Processed with VSCOcam with p4 preset

Caught a light sneeze of an idea early this week, of course this idea of mine is covered in a heavy fog right now. While having an idea that makes your mind and body pop out eureka, it’s easier said than done. Sure, nothing is ever easy! Well for some people it’s easier than others. I guess it’s the whole “Right time, Right place” kind of thing. However, for the rest of us, you know? The less fortunate, who hopped on the train excessively late. You kind of have to work harder for what you want to accomplish. That one motive can set your life for the better, but you kind of wonder “Why couldn’t I have been there at the right time?” Your time will come…hopefully! In addition, while those words are giving to you by the ones who’ve already achieved it. It’s kind of a smoothing motion, that maybe they might be right and your slot will come. Of course, you’re going to struggle, bitch, cry and moan, about your clock ticking to slowly. However, when it does arrive, you’ll be ready for what’s ahead for you and that foggy import, which you’ve built from the floor up. Won’t be so foggy anymore because it’s as clear as day and your living your time now!

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