How Soon Is Now?

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About a year ago, I started this micro-dick of a “blog”; I thought to myself, that it wasn’t going to be anything special. What I really wanted to do was to start a small magazine, which would be distinctive from rest of the herd. Which I still plan to do…one day soon, I hope. However, as the year went by and I started posting more and more blarney. About my everyday ordeals, hot mess situations and just whatever was on my mind at the time. I thought even if this doesn’t go anywhere, I would be alright with that. I felt this “blog” was unlike the others and that’s what I really wanted to accomplish. Of course I can’t forget about the models, who posed for these pictures. Thanks to all my amazing friends, who took the time to model for me, and believed in what I was trying to do with this “blog”. I couldn’t have really done it without them and I am forever grateful to them. Just for being there and for not judging me or the craziness, that surrounded me throughout this past year . I’m also indebted to this site because without it, I would go crackers, with all of my insane views and notions. I wouldn’t have survived the insanity that is my life. I really don’t know what the rest of this year will bring (I pray that it’s all good). However, I ready for whatever comes my way. Good or bad, sad or happy, I’ll be prepared for it all. In addition, for those who have read this “blog”? I like to thank you for reading the nonsense I wrote in every post, and I hope you continue to do so. With that said! Here’s to another year of the unexpected and hopefully more to come.

Processed with VSCOcam with m2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m2 preset

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