Me, Myself and I on Valentine’s


While all of you lovers out there are enjoying there Valentine’s Day. Fill with chocolate-shared organs; build a bear animals and copious amount of fornication. Just to show how much money you’ll spend on someone. To prove to yourself how much of that money can buy you love, on the day which someone was actually murdered (Or so we’ve been told to believe.). I might sound like a bitter pill, that Alanis Morrissette once swallowed. However, I’m not that bitter at all. I rather enjoy being by myself and not having to waste money on someone, whom I might broke up with a day or so later. In addition, I don’t like to follow rules when it comes to anything. No calendar is going to tell me that I have to show or buy my love on just one day of the year. I’m a 365 days kind of person and I love to show myself, how much I really love…well me! Just look at my closet or my endless mountains of sneakers. So, while all of you are enjoy this boring made up day. I’m going to enjoy some ice cream, TMC (That’s Turner Classic Movies for those who don’t know!) and myself of course. Happy Hallmark Day!



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