My Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

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I’m not a big foam fingered number 1 fan of the word Love! When I hear, people talk about Love or when they say shit like “Making Love”! It makes me want to throw up the food I consumed last week and the week before that! Explain to me how someone, anyone would call what we do to each and each other’s body parts, while we’re performing these acts in the bedroom, kitchen, moving car and other places, making Love? Our canal aggression toward each other is not Love, it more like horny lust times 10!

While I would like to sit here and bitch about the phrase “Making Love”, without making faces or gagging. This post is not about that! It’s more on how the word Love, can make the smartest person. Turn blind, drunk and gullible with dose of Love. While the word might sound nice to people (As yours truly once thought), it really has no meaning. Sure, you can look it up in the dictionary and fine the definition of the word. However, how do you know what real Love is? No definition can really explain, what this made up feeling really is. While you think, your heart is filled with it. You probably just have really bad heartburn.

To me the word Love, mean pain, heartache, no good and useless. Perhaps you may think that I’m being a bit dramatic (As usual), or I just had my heart broken! However, I’m not speaking from experience. I’m talking as an eyewitness, who has seen the effects that this word has done to people. I’ve also seen the aftermath of said word, which now has vanished from there warm blooded veins and in its place. An injection of pain and dissolution, that would make the most seasoned heroin addict, stop cold turkey.

So before, you start throwing your heart and this empty meaning word around, like a baseball or a child of divorce. Really, think to yourself “Is this worth getting hurt for?” “Is this what I really want?” While it might be nice and sweet to say, “show” or express the word Love. It really is nothing more, then a bunch of words put together. Save the waste and tears for those who still believe in the sentiment. For they one day to shall wake up in disbelieve and hopefully before it too late.


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