Bury Your Secrets In Me!

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For the past year, I’ve been seeing someone to talk about my problems. You might call them a therapist, but I like to think of them, as a “friend” you can talk to for a about an hour, who also accept insurance. Now, I’m not one to open a box of tissues and just weep out my emotions and whatnot to just anybody. Come to think of it, I haven’t really done that with anybody, other than my best friend Patty. However, for some reason is always nice to talk to a stranger, with a pen and paper, while there hard earn degree hangs up on their wall.

Today though that feeling of security as gone to shit. You see, when you talk to these so-called professionals. You think they’ll always be there for you and never really leave you. They’re like your emotional raggedy dolls, that you can stuff your secrets and worries with, and know that they will sew it up inside themselves forever. Never to reveal what you’ve told them. That was very comforting for me, but now comfort has turn into sadness and all I feel is alone again. For the second time in a row, my therapist as gone and left me. No call, no explanation, no nothing. They move on to bigger and better things (In this case my therapist opened up her own practice) and taken the things you’ve shared with them.

I could just see another therapist, but I can’t just start all over again…again. It’s not that easy! I guess it’ll take sometime for me to be over this lost. Sure, you might say people come and go (I’ve said that plenty of times myself before), but you never think, that your therapist would be a fair weathered person. Just comes to show you, that nothing really last forever. Not even your so called relationship with the people you sort of trust with your feelings with!


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