Shed some light on me!


Is being green with envy of someone’s success really health for someone? I mean how long can you feel happy for someone, before you start sipping the hater-aide juice. After a couple of sip, you’ve turned from a social hater, into the president of that person’s I fucking hate you club. I know it sounds negative to talk this way about anybody and I don’t really condone it. However, after living vicariously through someone’s wonderland of a life, you have to ask yourself “When is it going to be my turn?” Sure, there’s that struggle of a ladder you have to climb up, before reaching your way toward your own success, but that just bullshit! You know who says shit like that? People who don’t have to worry about the struggle, because they’ve never had to in the first place! They’ve already had their accomplishments mapped out for them from day one (There parents should be very proud). So while I’m surrounded by all these dark clouds raining bitterness. They’re just walking up that ladder with that shining light up there asses, heading towards bigger and better things.

They’re two things I can do to rectify this sad situation (There was three, but that last one was kind of to out there to conjure up!). I can either just hold that ladder for them, as it rains and pours pity on me. Or, I can go to HA (Haters Anonymous) for my little problem, get an umbrella on the way there and just slowly but surely get myself up the ladder on my own merits. I prefer to just do the first one, but I’m nobody’s ladder hold! I guess I’ll just have to wait for my time in that exclusive sun, but eventually I’ll get there, with fabulous sunnies to boot!

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