Learn how to face your demons!

As much as you try to keep Pandora’s Box close shut, there always the fear and loathing feeling in your stomach. That it will slowly creep out, without you even knowing it. Let’s be honest here. We all have some demons in our closet, which we would like to keep in there forever. However, it’s pretty hard to hide them, when you know that they’re lurking around the corner, waiting to attack you at any given day without a notice. It would be nice to just be straight with people and especially yourself, to just come out and tell them what your hiding. Sadly though, this isn’t that kind of world and most people are to judgment to understand. Let’s face it people, nobody is perfect and if they say they are, then there lying to you and to themselves. Sure, you might put on a nice Frida Kahol like facade, to play it off like there’s nothing your hiding. Behind those empty eye and paint on smirk. Still that facade is going to melt off your face eventually. Then your true colors and your savage fiends (Your demons) will come out to play and all you can do is just sit there helpless. So, you can either just come clean and don’t let those fucker demons control you or you can just keep on frontin’ till the cows come home. Something tell me it won’t be cows, who well be the ones coming home with you.

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