In the kingdom of me myself & I

Sometimes it’s no fun being the only one in on the joke. When your world is surrounded by images and ideas, which nobody else understands. It seems like you’re the only one at the party, while everyone else is GPS-ing there way there. When your mind is somewhere far in left field. You turn out to be the weirdo and the target of all those fingers, pointing directly at you. It would be nice to have someone, who would understand me for me and not me for my so-called eccentric-ness. Maybe there’s a land out there, where other people wave there freak flag mighty and proud. You know, different individuals who don’t follow the herd, like the rest of the cool-aid drinkers. However, while other’s like me do exist out there (Hopefully). There’s only one of me and there some people who can’t handle all of this and that’s okay with me. I like it that way! Nevertheless, it’s hard to wave my freakdom flag, when all you get it dirty looks and WTF’s! Maybe someday I’ll find someone who understands all of me, but until that day comes. I’ll just be the only one at the party enjoy it, without the sheep bahing at my weird behavior!

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