Go Outside

How much of a masochist do you have to be to stay in a place, where you don’t want to be in anymore? I’ve asked myself this question from time to time, when it comes to my job; however, I’m not just talking about my place of employment. It could really be anything! Like a relationship that has run its course, but for some reason you rather deal with the pain and heartache, then walk away from it all. Sure, at first it’s all happy-go-lucky and whatnot, however when the years of magical thinking run out and your stuck with the aftermath. What do you do after that? If it was me, I would just get up and leave, but that’s easier said than done. There’s so much that you’ve invested in said relationship or job, that it’s not just the simple to leave and start over again. There are things you have to think about, lists of pros and cons you have to maul over. Nevertheless, a list can do so much (Other then make you go cray for a couple of hours!). At the end of the day, you have to grow balls of steel and choice for yourself, should I stay or should I go? If only it was that easy. I guess sometimes it better to stay and see what happens. Maybe things might change for the better or maybe the opposite might happens. That being said, I rather leave before things get to complicated and I’m stuck in the bed I’ve just made…forever!

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