Seeing Red

While the drama that surrounded me has all but sailed away. It’s still sailing around some treacherous waters of he said she said. If you don’t know story, I’ll cut to the chase and make it short and bitter. I had an unwanted gossip girl moment at my job these past couple of weeks. In addition, while the gossip mill has stopped the presses, moving on to something more boring and uninteresting xoxo. I’m still drowning in someone else’s murky bath water. Even though I should be the bigger person and just let it go and act like nothings bugging me. Inside my blood boils with hatred and all I see is red red red now. If I was younger, I would go all Kill Bill on all this bitches, one by one. However, I’ll just save my sharpie, list of names and Hanzo sword for a raining day, because at the end of the day. I’m over this whole bullshit and I’ve moved on from it. However, don’t let the “positive” vibes fool you son. I still have my sharpie in my back pocket ready to cross off the names, of whomever gets in my way!

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