More tricks then treats


Even though Halloween is, the only night were you can be whoever you want to be. Like an attention grabbing whore in your naughty school girl/nurses outfits, or the superhero of you imaginary, boyhood dreams. Sometimes, even after the jack o lantern rots and the candies have been eating away. You’re still trying to be someone you’re not, no costumes included. Sure, on the outside people think you’re who you say you are, but on the inside, you know you’re fraud. Therefore, it’s easier for you to just be who folks want you to be or who you think people want you to be. Maybe, because you like to be liked or perhaps it’s because you’re afraid of whom you really are. You don’t need the makeup and get up to be someone else. You’re good at playing dress-up without using all the external bullshit. Aren’t you just tired of being someone else? On the other hand, is it all you know how to be?

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