I don’t usually ask for much in life. Sure, I might ask to borrow some money or maybe a pen, but nothing that would garner me a “Bye Felicia”. When I started this blog, I wanted to use my friends instead of myself in posts. I thought it would be something different then your usually mundane “Look at me” blog. However, as this blog turns eight months old next month, it’s hard for me to get anybody participate for me anymore. At first when ask said friends if they want to do me the favor of modeling for this blog. The first reaction would be just a huge Cheshire cat smile followed by a “Hell yeah”. However, nowadays that excited reaction is nowhere to be found. Either I get a maybe or if they say yes, at the last minute they don’t show up at all, no texted no call. I’m not say that they’re obligated to model for me or else. However, it would be nice to not be screwed over by said friends, and not just stand alone with my dick in my hands and a bunch neglected looking clothes . I guess sometimes it’s better to do things yourself then to ask for anybody’s help. Nevertheless, it’s hard when at the end of the day you’re the moldy cheese, that was once liked and now your just Tuesday’s trash. I wonder if this blog will ever get a birthday!

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