Before I begin this post, with my endless among of rambling sentences and what not. I would love to thank the Hulu gods for bringing Felicity and all her trials and tribulations, back in to my little life. Now, if you don’t know who Felicity is, then I suggest you just fall of the face of the earth. This love parade all start back in 98, when I was just a youngster. About to start high school and all the bullshit that went with it. This woman who was also starting a new chapter in her life (College), came into my life and never really left. This woman’s name is Felicity Porter and she’s has a special place in my cold cold heart. I’ve seen every episode of this series, but I must say that season 1 was by far the best. I was obsessed with how she didn’t give two shits about her parents and ran off to chase some guy (Ben), who didn’t know she existed. She was a stalker with a big heart and even bigger hair. Her collection of sweaters easily beats, a certain person thou shall not speak of (Let’s just say he loved he’s pudding and Jell-O. If you know what I’m say!). I loved how unpredictable, some what careless and off her mind she was (Only sometimes). I loved how she would always have to sit on her bed to express her feelings. Her relationship with Ben, Noel, Elena, Meghan, the annoying pink power ranger Julie and let’s not forget Javier. The first season somewhat help me get through my freshman year of high school. Like her, I was lost and trying to find out who I was. New to a this jungle of the unknown and unknowns, I felt like she was there with me. Carrying a big machete and try to cut down all that got in our way. Just so we can find ourselves at the end of said jungle. While she finished her first year with just some cut and bruises. I, on the other hand got lost in the jungle and got eat alive every time I tried to escape. I know you just can’t go hop on a DeLorean and go back to my past, but if I did, I would do everything so differently. However, that’s the pass and I can’t do anything about it, but except it and move on. Moreover, while I can’t go back and change that unhappy part of my life. I glad that Felicity came back to my present (Thanks again Hulu) and brought back just a little bit of what made me happy back then.

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