Hand Me My Leather

I’ve used this leather jacket so many times, that I think I’ve lost count. Every time I get stuck on an outfit for one of these make believe photo shoots of mine. I always say to myself “What is this outfit missing?” I know! Just put on some leather and the rest will fall into place, and 99% of the time it just does. It’s not really my leather jacket! It’s not even leather, but I hate the word pleather, it just sounds so generic! Fun Fact; I stole it from my sister closet, while she was taking a catnap. Ever since then I’ve just kept it in my closet as a backup. She’s keeps on asking for it back, but I’m not going to give it to her anytime soon or ever. This “Leather” jacket has become an important staple to this blog and I just can’t let it go. Every girl who’s worn it looks fucking fabulous in it. It’s like the “Leather” version of that traveling pants movie. It just fits all my models ever so lovely, who if you’ve noticed come in all shapes and sizes. Now who would want to give up a jacket like that? Not me!

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