Androgynous kind of love

I might have said this once, but I’ll say it again until my mouth falls off, from uttering it repeatedly. I love a woman who’s not afraid to wear menswear’s and twisted it and turn it, until she makes it her own. Women like that should have their own breed. A species of unrequited love for garments, that just happens to be made for men. I mean, these women love to take risks and don’t give two stink eyed shits, about what anybody else thinks. True story, yesterday I went shopping at H&M and as always, I walked right into the women’s section and literally couldn’t find anything, that would usually tickle my dick pink. Therefore, I decided to move to the men’s section and I legit had a happy hard on for the items that I saw. I drove headfirst and found some amazing pieces that made the women’s clothing i picked, come to life. That’s what every women needs in their life. A couple of men’s clothes to wake up there boring wardrobe and the rest will fall into place.

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