It’s not shady it’s funny!

People think that a person is successful, because they built their success with their own two hands. Unfortunately, that’s just made-up bullshit, someone assemble in his or her tiny brain. To seem like they’ve just baked their own cake without mentioning, that there were some ingredients involved in the making of said cake. Everyone wants to be a triumph in their own eyes and in the eyes of the ones they love and loathed. However, when you start climbing that ladder to prosperity; you unconsciously start kicking those who gave you the boost towards that ladder, in the first place. Now, let say you didn’t become the hometown hero that everyone expected you to be. Even then, those so-called friends who tried “helping” you and stuck around for the good the bad and ugly. Just leave you because at the end of the day it wasn’t really about you. It was more about them and how much they can get out of you. Before sucking your drier, then a hooker on her quest for a couple bucks to feed her crack habit . So if you think about it. You’re really fucked either way, that’s a catch 22 in the worse possible way. Success has it goods and defiantly it’s bads, however at the end of the day. You’re the one who has to trust your instincts and see who will be along for the ride. Without you swerving off the road to you own path and without any of the passengers. Getting out of the car, if things get to bumpy on the way to the top the hill.

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