Culture Fuck!

mine 7

I don’t know about all of you but I didn’t think the Valentino show was so inappropriate, as everyone was so quick to point out. Sure, they could have gone without the cornrows and maybe they could have had more than eight African Americans models, walking down the runway to the African themed music. However, despite all the racial hoopla, that everyone twatted and bitched about. It was a very beautiful show, like all the other Valentino shows. Now while the torch wielding mod of fashionista, where pointing there judgmental fingers at the designers, who design for the house of Valentino. Nobody seems to give two fucks about Junya Wantanbe, horribly racist spring show. First of all, the whole show was lousy in African based themes and there was not one model of color, not one! You people call this designer a genius, but you don’t see how inappropriate this show was? Open your eyes and see who the real problem is. From the fabric, to the tribal scarification marks, right down to the jewelry. I just thought to myself, “Why would anybody praise this collection”? If you want to call someone inapposite and racist, is this so-called genius of a designer. Maybe next time Junya you should just sit back and look at your collections, before showing them to the world and say to yourself, “Is this really what I want to be showing”?

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