Rusted Wheel

Not to sound like a broken record again or a sad but still upbeat Amy Winehouse song (Rest in peace!). However, I just had one of those days that Holly Golightly’s has been dreading about from time to time. Instead of having the mean reds like she does, I feels like I have more of the murky greys. I just lay in bed for a minute or 50 and just think to myself “Another day of nothings”! I’ve been feeling like this for a couple of weeks now and no amount of visits to Tiffany’s will help me, shake off these mean murky lurky greys. It’s probably the weather change or probably because I’m just a miserable person, who doesn’t really enjoy where life’s heading right now. I sometimes just want to throw my phone up against the wall and go back to bed. Surrounded by all my pillows, the misery that form a cloud on top of my head and my will not to get out bed and into the world. Andy Dwyer said best (If you don’t know who he is, then I suggest you watch Parks and Recreations, like now!) “Sometimes life is pointless and nothing really matters and I’m always tired.” I may get over it sooner or later, but for right now the only world I want to deal with, is my bed and nothing else.

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