I’ve never been a firm believer in the word love. To me the word makes my stomach churn in to a million little pieces of disgust. Don’t get me wrong, love can be a nice word to use when you say said word on friends, family and materialistic items. However, I’ve almost never used it on a person who I’ve dated, because I believe that most people use the word. Just to satisfy themselves into thinking that the word love will make everything better. I also think they use the word to make other people happy. Individuals toss love around like it a Frisbee, tossing around a couple of time can eventually lose all it meaning. I takes a lot for me to use that word…I mean lot. I don’t use that word at all; it’s not a part of my normal vocabulary. Nevertheless, when I do say it, it because I meant it and I didn’t saying it just because. I’ve only use it once in my lifetime, when I was dating someone who made my world and feelings feels like a Bjork song. Until I came to realized that it would never work out and there was no real love there to begin with. Even now when I talk about it, I shake my head and think to myself “What was I thinking?” It was nice for a bit to think I could really love someone and that person could love me back. However, that was just wishful thinking on my part and kind of childish as well. I guess love can’t be like a Bjork song. There will be no unraveling of my heart and no one will come back to make new love.

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