We all walk on

I have a friend who’s afraid of doing everything and anything by herself. For every little thing or errands, she must have a friend a company her. Even if it’s to go to the corner store to pick up a carton of milk and some bread. It sounds sad and a bit annoying but if you think about it, some people hate being alone. Sure, it’s a little much asking someone to go with them to get some milk, but nowadays people are desperate for the company of anybody. Unlike my friend, I like doing things by myself. To me mundane things are my heavenly therapy. I have time to be by myself and be with my millions thoughts. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having someone there, other than your friends (Or your mom on occasions). Doing the normal everyday things with someone would be idle, but even if that were true. Then when will you have any time for yourself? Pretty soon you won’t be the loneliest number and then you’ll turn into a WE. It might sound nice and comforting at first but how long can you be a We, before you start wishing you were just a I again?

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