Take a chance you stupid hoe!

I was never a big fan of this matchy matchy bullshit. If you look at this blog, you would know, that none of the girls that model for me ever match. I shake my head in disbelief, when I see someone trying to match from head to toe. Why must you try to make yourself look like a fool? Why do people think it’s cute to look like a full on tiger or tomato? Do you not own a mirror? Do your friends hate you that much, that they can’t tell you that you look like a hot mess? Not trying to be a dick and disrespect you style or lack thereof. However, you shouldn’t be so literal with the way you wear your prints. Mix it up a bit! Don’t be afraid of the fact, that you don’t match. Nobody said you had to in the first place. As long as you know, you look good, that all that really matters. It fashion for god sake, don’t take it so seriously. There’s no harm in trying something new for once. I’m not saying to go full on Marni or Iris Apfel on yourself. Just try on a couple of prints, mixes them up a bit, as if you were making yourself a drink. If you get drunk with happiness from the results, then the sky is the limit baby!

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