When we were young

I sometimes miss being young, dumb and irresponsible with my actions. When you’re young, you don’t really worry that much about anything. I guess there’s something romantic about the feeling of being young and somewhat carefree. I know it sounds bat shit crazy but it make sense, if you think about it. Just ask my mom. Today, as were in the car driving home, we past by a group of kids. Just standing in the corner and doing nothing but chilling, and having a good time doing it. My mom sighed and said “I miss be young! There was always something romantic about, that time in your life. You don’t have a care in the world and all you worry about is what are you going to do tonight?” (Her words not mine). I kind of ignored her for a minute or five, but after her crazy sunk into my head, I knew what she was babbling about. When you’re young you feel like you’re days are everlasting, until one day you wake up and you’re suddenly my age. You regret that you didn’t have more time with, the limited amount of young you had and now that your old. Your days feel like year and there’s no end in sight. I do wish I had more time to enjoy my youth; I wouldn’t have cared so much and just enjoyed the romanticism of being young, dumb and careless.

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