I do nothing but exist!

Do you ever get the feeling, that you’re a mere nobody in a sea of somebodies? It’s as if all you do is just exist! I sometimes feel like my lifeline is a straight road to nothing and boring-ness, there’s no curves or vertical excitement in sight. Growing up, I would try my hardest not to just exist. I wanted to be someone other than the person, I was meant to be. However, when you get older and all you see is nothing from the fruits of your labor (Not even a bit of my apple!). You feel like giving up and just being one of the sheep, which follow the sad little herd, down the valley to nowhere. I know I’m more than just a number or a plant that’s no one’s discovered yet. Nevertheless, it’s a bitch and a half to put yourself out there, only to fall on your face. I’m old enough to deal with the bruises on my face and ego. But I’m also too old to count my pennies in hopes, that I’ll finally get my ticket to get to that path to victory. But if not now, then when?

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