Afternoon Tea!

I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. I give a bitter after taste whenever you drink a sip of me. Example: I’m not a fun loving blogger who would rather talk about the cute outfit. I’ve just brought, at whatever store I’m obsessing over at the moment. Don’t get me wrong fashion is fun to talk about, but for how long can I talk about one subject? In addition, what happens after that fun runs out, where do you go from there? There’s no harm in talking about what your really thinking. So what? People don’t agree with you or you make them uncomfortable with the dogma you preaching. It’s called freedom of speech for a reason. Don’t be stuck in this cute little boxes, where four walls are the only thing you see everyday. Knock a wall or two down. See what’s really out there. Beyond those walls are worlds that are just waiting for you to absorb and take over. I may not be everyone’s cup of tea and I might give you a bitter taste, after taking a sip or two of me. However, you’ll never forget that sip. No matter how much you want to, I’ll still be tingling on your tongue.

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