The writings on the wall

Have you ever talked shit about someone, either by texted or on any of these popular mediums (You know which ones I’m talking about!)? You think nobody will ever see what you’ve spewed out. Until one day they do, than the only thing to do is just delete and everything will just go away. However, pressing delete doesn’t really change the fact that the damage has been done and those words will be there forever. Words are so everlasting that they’ll haunt you, as if it were a ghost, who won’t leave your home. Or a tattoo that you’ve never wanted in the first place. Even if you try to remove it, it will hurt more than you know. Therefore, you have two options; you either become a modern Hester Prynne and live in shame among the crowd. On the other hand, you can just say fuck it and wear those words proudly like G or A? I’ll take option two, because nobody’s going to shame and characterize me. By a bunch of words, that were based on malicious bullshit to begin with. So wear those words, as if they don’t bother you. Slowly there just roll off you back and it’s on to the next!

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