Bitch I’m Fabulous

Some people are to pussy to say this, because they care too much of what others will think. However, who gives a flying fuck, of what others may presume of you. This world is made up of judgmental naysayers (Myself included), who live, breath and eat, shit-talking. It part of our four major food groups and it makes our sad little world seem not so bleak. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, you’re the only one who can judge yourself (As eyeing rolling as that may seem). If you say to yourself in the morning, “I’m fucking fabulous”! then you better own it. Once you have that motto in your noggin, than the rest will fall into place. Just hold your head up high and walk like your shit don’t stink. Eventually people will see, that you are fabulous and that you’re not afraid of anything. Your self-confidence with be your bulletproof vest. For all the critical darts heading your way, by the haters, who are ready to tear you down.

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