Dress so nice I had to shoot it twice

Let’s put my endless drama and life’s trauma aside for tonight and talk about something fun for a bit. Let’s talk about this dress from H&M shall we! I mean, look at the beauty, that is this printed wonder. I shot it once before last week with my friend Maria. However, I felt it needed another moment in the sun. So yesterday, I had Natalie, (Who you’ve seen countless time before here) if she would try on the dress and just see how she felt in it. Of course, that day it was hot as balls and we were already tired from shooting most of the day. Nevertheless, when she put on this garment, she became a different person. I don’t know if it was the heat or the music I played, while shooting these pictures, but Natalie owns this dress. It was a wonder and a joy to shoot her and to have another twist on this amazing dress.

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