I Simply Don’t Have Any Fucks To Give

Some people are way to concern about what others think about them. They get so worried that they start becoming paranoid and something even go crackers. All because of their disturbing anxiety, about what trolls are saying about them. How can anybody live his or her lives like this? I find it sad and somewhat funny that you’re uneasy about comments, which you’ve read about yourself on Facebook, Instagram or Tweeter. All from bored lifeless, losers who don’t even know who you really are. I mean we’re all human and sometimes words do get under our skin. Some of us tuck them (Words) in so deep inside, that they’ll take over our bodies and minds. Then when it times to dig them out, it too late and the damage is so far gone, for any repair. However, be that as it may. I’m not going to eat, sleep and breathe worries, on what other people think about me. I’m too good for that shit. In addition, the hatred that people shed on me, fuels my inner Beyoncé. I actually enjoy it when anyone starts talking shit about me. It’s like there words shoots up inside my veins, like verbal heroin and all I can do is get high off it. So keep those comments coming people, because at the end of a very good day. I just don’t give two shits about you or your meaningless word!

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