I rather fall back

I’m so ready for this shitty summer to be over and done with. This particular season felt like a bad relationship, which needed to end a very long time ago. At first, I thought it was going somewhere good and promising, but it just ended up disappointing me, more than words can say. I’m kind of looking forward to what fall will bring. I can’t predict the future because if I did, then there would be a lot of shit. I would have stopped in it’s tracks! However, after this horrible bitch of a summer, it’s time for a change and I’m not talking about climate wise. I mean it’s time to focus on the important and try to forget about the past; because dwelling on the past will only give you, nothing but headaches and sleepless nights. Well guess what? I ran out of Tylenol and I needs my sleep! So fare well shitty no good for nothing summer and let’s hope, that fall will bring better days.

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