Don’t tell me

I find it mighty mighty hilarious that some people seem to think, I’m a Debbie downer to the X power. You probably think I go to parties and stand in the corner, holding a bottle of liquor, while the world around me lives and I look like the saddest boy in the world. Well guess what? That shit is further from the truth! Yes, I’ve had my ups and mostly down, so down that I’ve been eating concrete for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the past couple of months. However, whenever life gives me sour lemons, I try to makes delicious lemonade. There’s not always going to be a mental happy party in my head, if you know what I mean? There can’t be any comedy without some tragedy. If so, this world would be a better place, a boring place to live in, but still a better place. So next time you read one of my post, that might be a little blue for your mood. Don’t worry I’m fine and at the end of the day I’m just laughing it off. It is the only way my lemonade will taste sweeter.

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