A rock in a hard place

I sometimes have this feeling in the pit of my stomach. The feeling that everything will go wrong all over again. The horrible feeling of anticipation lurking around the unseen corner. Ready to take everything I’ve just spent rebuilding for the past couple of months. Sure, I’m just being paranoid as usual and the feeling in my stomach is real just gas. However, you would know this experience if you dealt with it before. I’ve had countless encounters with this feel previously and I don’t know if this time around, I can get back up again and start all over. I just can’t brush it off, paint a smile on my face and move on as if nothing ever happen. While one foot is firmly gripped on the newly refurnished ground. The other foot is ready to trip on this horrible reality face first. It might take a while for me to come to the realization, that this is just a phase and it to shall pass, like the rest of the shit, that’s hit the fan. However, come good, bad and ugly, I’ll be prepared this time.

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