My Body, My Wonderland

I don’t know about you but I’ve never been a big fan of the landscapes bumps and roads, which make up this body of mine. Sure, everyone be it man or women, has their own issues with their bodies. However, mine issues are deeper than just the way I look the mirror, when I’m buck-naked (Before I cover it up said mirror!). Even with clothes on, I still feel uncomfortable and I hate to say this, but ashamed of my body. I know, you should love yourself for who you are and all the bullshit. However, how many times do you have to repeat said words, before you really start to believe it? I sometimes am jealous of the human beings, who are so proud of their bodies. In any shape or form there just happy as can be, without a fuck to give. Meanwhile, I’m here hiding my mirror with a blanket, so I won’t have to see varies imperfections in full display. Nobody’s perfect and even those who seem like they are, have a good poker face built on. So you won’t see what they’re really feeling about themselves. I’ll probably will never be happy with my body, may it be skinny, fat or in-between. However, I’m learning to accept it for what it is my body!

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