What Struggle?

I’m tired of people using the phrase “The Struggle is real”! What do you have to complain about, that you would have to use that phrase? What happened in you non-trouble life to make you say those words? Did you not get what you wanted? Did your package from Amazon not come in on time? Was your Starbucks to hot this morning? What struggle do you really have? If there is no sign of trail or real stress in your life, then you shouldn’t even dare to use that phrase. Some of use real struggling people, who don’t need to say it or attach a hashtag next to those words. Know very well that the struggle is too real. Because some of us are really living it and we don’t need people. Who aren’t remotely struggling with anythings, rubbing in our faces. So keep your fake ass non-struggles to yourselves and let us real struggling people. Find a way not to let it be so real and just let it be what was!

3 thoughts on “What Struggle?

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