Your Not Rid of Me

Please don’t mistake my short comings as a sign of weakness, never that! Occasionally, I might have my off days or if you’ve been reading this blog, than you’d know that it’s been more than one or two occasions. However, as much as I’ve been complaining, bitching and Debbie Downing it. There’s no way in fuck I will be called a weak person!  Just because my recent hardships, had led anybody to believe otherwise.  If you’re a human being like myself, than your allowed to have a few moments of “why me’s”, and if you’re lucky human being. Then you’ll also have someone there to listen to you, because that’s all you need in life really. Someone to just listen to all the bullshit, you’ve been going through. If you don’t have a person like that, there always a blog you can create to blow off some much needed steam. Expressing your angry or sadness for the current situation you’ve been dealt with is nothing to be embarrassed about. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. No matter what anybody says, you’re not weak person, you’re just a human being and that’s all that matters!

2 thoughts on “Your Not Rid of Me

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