I’m Bigger Than My Problems


As hard as I try to achieve something that would better my life, there always something that gets in the way. I guess it true what they say, “When it rain it pours”, and fuck as it been pouring hard, for the past couple of weeks. Not even a heavy-duty umbrella can help me with this horrible emotional weather, which I been having. I know I should stop feeling sorry for myself and except the fact, that this is it…this is my life. I envy some people, who only have to worry about the petty, unimportant things in life. They don’t have to worry about things that are just too much to handle (Like myself). I sometimes want to give up on all of this and just take a deep sleep. I’ve already semi giving up on believe there’s a god. I don’t know what to believe in anymore! It’s somewhat hard to believe in someone or something, that’s just giving you a raw deal in life. I know that I’m bigger than my problems, however how can I believe in this mantra. When my problems just keep on getting bigger and bigger and it just keeps on getting harder and harder. To believe that this too shall pass!

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