A Hint of Summer

Is it me or has it not felt like summer, these past couple of years. It feels more like spring flirting with summer, but it’s never willing to fully commit. This might sound strange but it’s not summer without the heat. The heat that brings you to a stop and makes you catch your breath. The heat that makes you and your friends, want to open up fire hydrants for some cool relief. This current weather situation has me missing summer even more. I remember my summers where my friends and I would sneak into other people’s homes and go pool hopping. Where we would sit on sidewalks bullshitting the breeze. While eating nothing but ice cream, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At night, we would say cool but lying on the grass and looking at the stars. This weather is nothing like my childhood summers. It’s depressing, bipolar and boring so much so, that it just makes me want to do nothing, but stay inside and sleep.

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