Close to the Sun

Ever hear the one about Daedalus and Icarus? You know. The Greek mythology about how Daedalus made a couple of wings for Icarus to escape from Crete. Icarus’s father warns him not to fly to low or high towards the sun, because if he did then the wax from Daedalus man-made wings would melt. Resulting in the hard headed Icarus to fly to close to the sun anyways, thus falling towards the sea. You see, Icarus had too much hubris clod up in he’s ears, to listen to anything he’s father had to say. Kind of like must people are, when they get a touch of power. You start getting high of that power and your self-confidence is so far up your ass, you can’t even feel it. You think you can do whatever you want and not ever think about the consequences, you’ve stirred up. After a while, you stopped listening to what those people, who helped you built those wings and that self-confident you so proudly strut. Until one day, they all start to leave you. Then who will save you from the sun? Those wings aren’t going to last forever and there isn’t anybody to save you from your own plunge down the sea!

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