You’re here, don’t look back!

 I’m not a big fan of change, as some people may know about me. I’m like the Stoop Kid in Hey Arnold! Who’s lived his entire life on the stoop and is afraid to leave it (He’s the perfect metaphor for change!). I’m the same way more or less. Sure, I’ve gone beyond the stoop, but I’m afraid to see what’s further out there. Probably because with changes comes fears of what if’s? Like, what if I didn’t take enough chances or what if the changes I made were worse than better? If you’re a Stoop kid like me, then you know what I’m babbling about (“STOOP KID’S AFRAID TO LEAVE HIS STOOP” )! However, the biggest question is, what if I never know, what’s really out there for me? The unknown! I would kick myself everyday if I never found out!

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